Bergisch Gladbach

Private and Teaching Address: Lustheide 51, 51427 Bergisch Gladbach / 50000 Köln(Cologne)
Phone: +49 2204 65194
Email: Website:

Teaching language(s): German, English

I’m a female singer (spiritual, classic, jazz, pop, musical), voice teacher and leader of a choir who sings spiritual music. I studied many technics, for example Estill, Speech Level Singing, Integratives Stimmtraining and classical (opera).
I  also studied yoga, Tai Chi, Personal Coaching
I work nearly twenty years with professional (musical) and non-professional singers.
I love to work with people whose deepest wish is to sing. I’ve studied a lot of singing technics and methods and  I have this strong believe that everybody can sing.
If you want to sing in a classical, jazzy or pop style or if you only want to fall in love with your voice than phone me and I will encourage you to sing.